Bodyshock® Celluxpert

Bodycare Solutions

Multi-action body cream. Defines, tones and smoothes orange peel skin.



Cream-gel formulated with a combination of active ingredients that act synergically, visibly improving skin irregularities caused by cellulite, providing turgor to areas with orange peel skin and restoring a more uniform and smooth appearance. Caffeine, Brassica Alba extract and capsaicin offer a powerful stimulating action, helping define the silhouette. Arnica extract and organic silicon increase skin firmness and provide a decongestive effect, visibly attenuating orange peel skin. Its exclusive application system, featuring roll-on spheres, optimises the product’s application and absorption, offering an immediate refreshing and stimulating effect.
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caffeine, extracto de Arnica, extracto de Brassica Alba y Capsaicina, L-carnitine, organic silicon

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