Cosmelan® Peel


Cosmelan® Peel

Depigmenting solution up to 95% reduction (Medical grade peel)

Cosmelan® is a professional depigmentation method which has an intensive corrective effect on skin’s hyperpigmentation whilst regulating the overproduction of melanin in the melanocytes, inhibiting and controlling the appearance of new dark spots.

Its efficacy is based on its double mechanism of action that on the one part has a corrective effect, eliminating the hyperpigmentation and, on the other, a regulating effect, controlling the overproduction of melanin and in this way preventing the appearance of new spots in the long term.

This is a safe and non-invasive procedure which treats pigmented areas and delivers a glowing and brighter complexion without pain in just after 1 treatment. Great for sun damage, pigmentation, melasma and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation scarring.

Highly effective with melasma!

Cosmelan + LED$1,499